Yes, it is very common for the pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to come and go. In fact, all Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms (numbness, tingling, pain ) tend to be intermittent during the early stages of the condition. The symptoms are caused by compression of the Median Nerve in the wrist. Initially, the nerve compression is intermittent and occurs when a particular activity or sustained wrist position causes increased pressure within the carpal tunnel. Although any repetitive motion of the wrist or fingers can increase carpal Tunnel pressure, typing, driving, gardening, cycling and sleeping are common activities that worsen Carpal Tunnel symptoms. Having constant symptoms means the Median Nerve is being constantly compressed. This occurs in the late (severe) stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and can indicate permanent nerve damage. To maximize the chance of full recovery and avoid permanent nerve damage, it is important to seek treatment before the symptoms are severe or constant.